A life full of burdens, is a life full of purpose.

Hi Friend,

Let's talk a little about purpose. As you may or may not know, one of the services I offer at Oh So You coaching, is to help women discover their purpose. I've discovered that purpose is the missing piece that is causing frustration in the lives of so many men and women. The key to finding your purpose is discovering your burden. You can discover your burden by paying close attention to what grabs your attention and hold your thoughts captive.

Is there something you are dying to change or communicate?

That is your burden. That is your calling, AND you must do something about it.

Is there something that fires you up? Something that others can walk right past, that stops you dead in your tracks?

A while back I was leaving an NBA basketball game at the Phillips arena. Along with everyone else walking to their cars, I was walking and laughing arm-in-arm with my husband when I noticed a homeless woman sitting outside (in the winter time) with two small children asking for money. Just the sight of those children sitting out there in the cold instantly brought tears to my eyes. I thought about this woman and those kids all night long. People were walking right by them. A few stopped, but the majority of folks kept walking to their luxury cars to go to their warm cozy homes, while not realizing they had a responsibility to do something.  You see some of these same people may have been searching for their purpose, not realizing that God may have answered their prayer by putting people directly in their path.

Of course I understand that not everyone has the same calling and purpose, but the principal doesn't change. There is something or someone right under your nose that is your assignment. Your calling.  If you have been praying for God to reveal your assignment here on this earth, you must know that HE will answer you. It's your job to keep your eyes and ears open to receive the answer HE reveals to you.

Have you ever found yourself thinking that "someone needs to do something about this or that," or do you often ask that infamous question,  "If God is so good, why does he allow these (bad) things to happen?"

Scripture says, "for we are God's handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do." Ephesians 2: 10.

He created us in advance for good works. These works are to combat the evil going on around us and to help those in need. There are people in need everywhere you go. Up until now you may have just walked right past your purpose, but not anymore. I'm challenging you to pray this prayer... Lord open my eyes to the needs and problems of those around me." And give me the courage to not keep walking and hoping somebody will come and do something. Let me be that somebody."

If you're like me with so many areas near and dear to your heart, you may have to spend more time searching for clarity. But while you are waiting, you can do something. It's in the doing where you'll find your life's mission. Since launching this coaching ministry and business, God has confirmed my calling and even birthed new visions in my heart. I might not have ever discovered these burdens if I had not started with the first tug on my heart to help frustrated Christian women create more harmony in their lives. From that first calling, my work has moved on to reaching more women on a deeper level based on the conversations I've had the opportunity to have with prospective clients and actual clients. And to think I almost passed up on pursuing this passion, because I had my heart set on becoming an actress. I'm so glad I decided to trust God with my life. Although some may think Life coaching isn't as "impressive" as acting, I'm having the time of my life operating in my gifts.

Friend, if you are having a hard time discovering your purpose, it could be because you're waiting on a BIG platform. We usually miss God when he answers if we are looking for a big, impressive calling. But God doesn't measure callings or assignments by how “impressive” we think they are. He presses assignments on our hearts that are directly tied to His heart. When God uses someone or something to tug on your heart, those tugs become your burden, and you can't seem to stop thinking about it. Friend, that is your purpose. And you owe it to the world to do something about it.


I never forgot the words of this song that came on the radio in 2011 when I was riding in my car. These words struck a cord in my heart, and I knew I had to do more. I pray you will listen to the words and they will also challenge you to do more. And if you're already doing your part...Rock on sister!!