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I'm So Happy You're Here!

I'm Dr. Tiffany Pierce, Life and Purpose Fulfillment Coach. Helping you to go from Anxiety to Peace. Frustration to Fruitfulness. And Confusion to Clarity. By creating a life that is Oh So You!




You are no ordinary woman.  

You have an urging deep in your soul that you can’t deny.

A longing to be more alive to your own life.

The very beating of your heart reminds you that you were created for something spectacular.

But you feel...






Once upon a time you had visions for what your life would be like.

You dreamed about what God was going to do in and through you.

But now your life is nowhere near what you imagined it to be despite loving God with all your heart and having faith bigger than a mustard seed.

Maybe you feel like God's hidden gem.

You used to be excited about the fact that you were created with enormous talent, wisdom, and intellect.

Perhaps you made brave attempts to use your gifts and now you feel like you have failed over and over again.

You are not even sure what you want anymore.

Can anyone around you see the magnitude of the calling on your life?

Does anybody know the depth of your possible influence in the world?

Sister, you are hiding.

Playing small and doubting your greatness.

You are scared of the unknown.

Feeling stuck in a life of mediocrity.

Dying to break free and let the authentic too-much-to-handle you shine through.


You are not a pitcher of water, so why are you trying to contain yourself ? Let yourself go and spill out all over the place.

You are scared of the unknown.

My beautiful friend, it's time to stop hiding your passions and doubting your greatness.

Now is the moment to start living up to the visions in your heart.

Why keep trying to blend in when you were created to stand out?

Not showing up as the woman that God designed you to be creates tension in your life.

There is a war going on between who you really are and who you are trying to be.

Playing small causes you to sabotage your opportunities and forfeit your blessings.

We hide our gifts out of a fear of the changes that success will bring.

We are afraid of how others will see us if we let our true selves out.

But Oh-So-Beautiful One,



Playing small and hiding our gifts ends now.


My name is Tiffany and this website is my love letter to frustrated Christian women who are stuck in lives of mediocrity, who know without a shadow of a doubt that God has called and anointed them for great things.

I understand the disappointment and defeat that we experience when we are not being the exceptionally creative and wildly talented women that God created us to be.

Part of my story has been learning to let my true identity breakout, so I can live according to the way God uniquely designed me.

Now I work as a professional + Christian life coach helping women sharpen their God-given Vision and (re)define their life using their unique gifts + talents.

I love to help women choose to not waste another day of their lives hiding behind layers of safe expectation, but to break out with their true selves.

When you work with me, we get down to the basics and tear down barriers.

We identify what is hindering you and what is blocking you from reaching your full potential.

We rebuild your life from the ground up, so you can create a fulfilling life around the way God uniquely designed you.

When you align your life, goals and identity with your unique design, everything comes alive.

Are you ready? Let's do this!