Hi sweet friend.

Welcome to my online space. I'm Dr. Tiffany Pierce, Pharmacist and Anxiety Coach.

But please call me Tiffany.

Anxiety Coach?

I have dedicated my life to helping creatives, visionaries and leaders (like you!) overcome stress and anxiety in their lives.  

In our modern day world more than ever, many talented and creative women are struggling with stress and anxiety that is spilling over into every area of their lives and crippling them from becoming their best selves.

I want to help you channel and control your anxiety so you have the ability to use your creativity in a way that allows you to birth your dreams, launch your vision, and live your best life.

I know firsthand how crippling anxiety can be. I suffered with debilitating anxiety for nine long years. Even as a spirit-filled Christian who can quote the Scripture that says be anxious for nothing faster than you can open your Bible to the Psalms, I could never quite grasp how to live out this seemingly simple sounding truth. I cried, prayed, fasted, and pleaded with God to help me, but nothing seemed to "cure" the agonizing pain in my soul. On top of feeling anxious all the time, I was also struggling with feeling like a failure as a Christian for being anxious.

I often wanted to give up. But even as I would begin to relinquish the hope of ever reaching a life of peace, something would rise up in me and tell me to keep fighting for the life that Jesus had died for me to have.

So I kept looking for a way to deal with my anxiety. I tried exercising. I tried yoga. I tried reading self-help books. I tried counseling. I tried taking anti-anxiety medicines that made me sleepy and unmotivated, so I stopped taking them and tried natural medicines and special teas instead. I even tried acupuncture.

But none of my ideas for overcoming my anxiety gave me relief from it. I might do better for a little while, but inevitably I would wake up again with a crushing feeling on my chest of worry and angst.

After nine years, I remember one morning I got down on my knees in my closet with hands on my heart and told God I surrendered to Him completely. I gave Him my entire life.

What did that look like exactly?

I took a sabbatical from life as I knew it, which meant giving up on my childhood dream of becoming an actress and entertainer. I  stopped what I was doing and began asking God to show me how to get to the life he had shown me from my youth. What I've learned is that God never truly asks you to give up something without having a much more fulfilling and alternate route to get you to the place He has prepared for you. So while I was busy struggling and literally killing myself to find my purpose, He was waiting on me to give up my will so He could lead me down the path to fulfilling my true calling.

That calling has grown into a highly successful coaching business that allows me the opportunity to coach women out of complacency & into lives they absolutely love!

Training and credentials obtained through Christian Coach Institute


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I help women create harmony in their lives by living in tune with:

Their design.

Their desires.

And their destiny.

A life free from anxiety, stress, and overwhelm.  

A life filled with peace, purpose, and passion.

If you would have told me eleven years ago that God would be using me to bring His precious women out of the trenches of anxiety using the strategies and solutions He gave me to overcome, I don’t know if I would have believed you.  I never imagined that I would be able to help women experience joy that spills over into every part of their life.

But our God is full of surprises. Here I am living a life I had only dreamed about, speaking on stages and panels, contributing weekly on a stellar award-winning radio station each week, and making a living as a pharmacist and coach. Only it does not look like what I had imagined, because what God had planned for me was better than my version. He has enabled me to use all of my gifts and passions in one beautifully wrapped life.  And I am loving every minute of it. Oh yes, friend God is real. He's intentional, and He doesn't waste any second of your life.

Anxiety and Creativity often go Hand in Hand.

What I've learned from years of research and diving more into the complex area of anxiety is that it is a commonality among creative individuals.

Anxiety is proof that you are a creative genius with greatness on the inside that is dying to get out.

Maybe you are anxious over the uncomfortable season in which you find yourself.

Maybe you are lacking clarity.

Maybe you have no idea why you're so anxious. You just know you can't go another day living in torment and turmoil.

I want you to know that even from this anxious place, you can grow your life into one that bears much peace. It is possible sweet friend and I am here to help you make it a reality. I am here to go to battle with you and combat the anxiety and stress that is threatening your well-being and peace.

I am living out the words to a phrase I wrote down years ago when I was in the thick of anxiety.

It has become my life story and the basis of how I show up in my life every day.


Tell your story. Live your passion. Change your world.