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Christian Coach Institute graduate, Certified Professional Life Coach (CPLC), ICF Trained


I could not be more happy that you're here. I see you sitting, starring at the screen with desperation in your eyes, wondering if this program could be the answer to your (many)prayers.

Because when you are in the trenches of anxiety, the last thing you need, is a temporary fix- that may or may not work - you need a solution NOW! 

That's why I created a program that is customizable to fit your specific needs.

Eliminating Anxiety. Creating Harmony 101 is our signature coaching program designed for individuals struggling with stress and anxiety that has limited your capacity to reach your full potential in your personal and/or professional life.

This program will help jumpstart your journey to living a balanced life.  

This program is for you if:

  • You are a creative, leader, or visionary who struggles with anxiety in a way that interferes with your everyday life.

  • Your anxiety stems from areas you can control but you aren't exactly sure of how to stop the vicious cycle.

  • You are experiencing health problems that are directly tied to stress and overwhelm

  • You are full of purpose and ideas but can't get pass your emotions long enough to birth your dream.

  • You are a creative entrepreneur who has built a profitable business but you're barely able to keep afloat due to overwhelming feelings/emotions.

  • You are ready to be held accountable for  your actions and self-sabotaging habits keeping you stuck in a cycle of anxiety.

  • You have a desire to dig deep, do the work, and get to the bottom of what causes you to be anxious.

  • You are ready to take your life, business, and health to another level and commit to the process of uprooting old habits and replanting new ones.

  • You are able to commit your all for the next  3 months of this program.

This program is Not for you if:

  • You have anxiety due to a diagnosed chemical imbalance or other underlying conditions that require care under a licensed medical physician.

  • You suffer from anxiety along with either of the following: depression (diagnosed) bi-polar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, schizophrenia, etc.

  • You are signing up out of curiosity but aren't committed to following through or putting in the effort to really see results.

  • You are wanting a quick fix without actually giving yourself the time to retrain your habits and patterns and form new habits (which takes time and patience)

  • You don't believe you can actually overcome this. You must believe or else you will sabotage yourself and me as you coach.




"Whatever is bringing you down, get rid of it. Because you'll find that when you're free...your true self comes out." 

Tina Turner

**Sessions available by phone (conference call), Skype, FaceTime, or in person (only in the Kennesaw, GA area). Flexible payment plan available. 

Eliminate Anxiety. Create Harmony 101 (3 month program)


*This is an integrative coaching program designed for those who are struggling with anxiety, stress, and/or overwhelm that has rendered you unfruitful and unproductive in your every day life. This program is designed to help you create more harmony and balance in four key areas: Your spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical health. This program will help you maximize your time and talents in order to birth your dream(s), launch your visions, and live your best life.

Month 1

  • Research/case study analysis using clients unique story
  • Understanding root case & stimuli
  • Identifying A. N.T. S
  • Introduction to NP pattern diagram

Month 2

  • Personal growth and development plan using "flower pot therapy" method.
  • Rx for 3 P's (Peace, power, passion)
  • Identifying & closing gaps

Month 3

  • Connecting goals to passions
  • Build. Launch.Grow
  • Tools to maintain peace and live anxiety free


Bi-Monthly Coaching: (schedule clarity call for investment information) 

  • Includes two 1-hour coaching sessions per month (six-1 hour sessions over 3 month period)
  • two 20 min follow-up sessions in between coaching sessions
  • access to private email and phone for questions and roadblocks before next session
  • Completely customizable to fit clients needs and/or budget



Laser Focused Strategy Session

Not interested in a package deal? Need help with a problem or concern but not needing a full program? This session is perfect for individuals who are ready to dive in and solve an area of concern (anxiety, motivation, clarity). These sessions will include a detailed questionnaire and prep sheet to ensure client receives more from our time together.

  • One 1-hour  session
  • Email support for 1 week after session.

Investment: $97

*If you don't see the perfect package for your particular needs... let's chat about it, and create one based on your specific needs. I'd love to hear from you. Payment plans available.

Oh-So-You Coaching Specialties

Eliminating stress/anxiety/overwhelm, vision sharpening, and life purpose discovery.