36 Lessons From 36 Years of Life.

Hello Friends,

Do you know what today is?

 It's my birthday {insert spirit fingers and a loud cheer}!!

 I am so grateful to see another year. I've been blessed to celebrate 36 birthdays on this side of heaven, and although they've all been pretty special, this one is different from all the rest.  The best birthday gift I've ever given myself is stepping out and becoming an entrepreneur.  Since taking this entrepreneurial leap, I have seen doors fly open and opportunities literally fall in my lap (I will have to write a blog on this at some point).

 But I must admit, it hasn't always been this way. Not too many years ago I lived in constant frustration and anxiety, because no doors were opening for me, no matter how hard I tried to beat them down. Ironically enough, I'm thankful for those hard years, because they drew me closer to Jesus, and now I can see how everything was working  for my good.

 So in honor of my birthday today, I wanted to do something different. I want to share with you 36 lessons I've learned throughout my life, in hopes that it will inspire you to look over your own, and perhaps even create your own list of the lessons you've learned along the way.  So here is my list of, as Oprah would say , things I know for sure...

36 Lessons from my 36 years of life

  1. God placed unique gifts and talents within every single person he created, and you begin to discover those gifts as a child.

  2. There are no coincidences. Every detail of your life is carefully planned in advance by your creator.

  3. God is intentional.

  4. God is faithful, even when you are not. Even when you  don't deserve his faithfulness.

  5. You never really fail in life. Learn the lesson and move on.

  6. No one has it all together, no matter how it looks on the outside. Everyone is fighting some type of battle.

  7. People aren't really"haters." Instead they are confused admirers who do not realize their own greatness. Instead of focusing on their actions, pray for them and help them understand that God has a great plan for their life too.

  8. Love is the universal language. Imagine what the world would be like, if we all spoke this samelanguage! I have a dream...

  9. We live life forward, but we understand it backwards. It's exciting to go back and connect the dots of our lives.

  10. God is good. It's not just a cliché saying. It's truth.

  11. Even though you and I may experience every emotion on the spectrum all in one day, God never changes. Amen to that!

  12. You will very rarely feel "ready" and qualified for the things God calls you to do. Do them anyway. God doesn't call the qualified, he qualifies the called.

  13. If you don't have peace about something, don't do it. Its. Not. Worth. It.

  14. It's better to obey God quickly and wholeheartedly. Partial obedience is not obedience. And there are always consequences for disobedience.

  15. Social media is the cause of a lot of depression and unhappiness in peoples' lives. You have to use it as a tool instead of it using you.

  16. Boundaries are non-negotiable. If you ever intend to fully enjoy your life, you must draw a line in the sand and not cross it, or allow anyone else to.

  17. It is imperative to laugh often and use humor. Try to laugh as often and as much as possible.

  18. You must learn to love yourself, just the way you are. Flaws and all. You are perfect as perfect can get.

  19. Children are a gift from God. I heard this for a very long time, but it took on a literal meaning when I became a mom.

  20. In addition to changing your life, children can also save your life.

  21.  If anyone else in the world can do "it," so can you. Nothing is impossible.

  22. You will never be able to make everyone happy. So don't even try. Just think about Jesus, he was perfect, and people still found reasons not to like him. Just do you and focus on the majority who are with you.

  23. Always stay true to yourself. Don't let another person change the essence of who you are.

  24. Life is tough. But you are tougher.

  25. Cupcakes are a girl's best friend- or at least that is the case for me.

  26. Contrary to popular belief, getting older is the best thing that can happen to you. Consider the alternative, and I'm sure you will agree.

  27. We should never focus more on our external features. Get the inside right, and the outside will take care it itself.

  28. People are always watching . Make sure you live out your convictions and walk your talk.

  29. It's takes a lifetime to build a good reputation, and only minutes to lose it. Be careful how you live.

  30. If you intend to get something you've never had before, you MUST do things differently than before.

  31. Nothing great comes out of convenience and comfort. Greatness is birthed from opposition, challenges, and obstacles. If you're experiencing any of this, just know that you are being prepared for your purpose. Keep on keeping on.

  32. You must have a vision for your life. If not you will end up somewhere, but not somewhere on purpose.

  33. Perspective is everything. There is always something to be grateful for. And things could always be worse.

  34. There is nothing that you and God can't handle together.

  35. You won't really see God move, until you surrender your entire life to him.

  36. At times we may wonder if God has forgotten about us. He hasn't.



So there you have it my friends! Thirty-six lessons I've learned along the way. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. And of course I want to know if you have any lessons you would like to share. I always like to hear from you.

Now excuse me while I go devour my birthday cake. No matter how many gifts I get, the cake is always the hi-light of my day.

Cheers to another year of life.

Until next time,