I will never forget the moment I got down on my knees and told God: “I cannot go another day without being creative.”

At the time I was working full-time as a pharmacist, a job I had pursued for its financial stability. But instead of feeling stable I was suffocating. As a young girl, I had pursued dancing, acting and modeling with great joy. Maybe as part of my artist’s spirit, I was deeply attuned to the presence of God all around me from a young age. I knew that any talent I possessed was from Him and I grew to feel called by Jesus to glorify him as a dancer, actress, model and designer. 

So why was I hiding away behind closed doors feeling anxious and frustrated by my life instead of shining on a stage for Jesus? God had given me a vision of a future as an actress with a platform to inspire and encourage others, but in college, I chose to sacrifice that dream for what felt like the safer route. I told myself that I could always make time for my creative pursuits on the side while working in a pharmacy. I spent years trying to squeeze auditions into the confines of working full-time. I choreographed dance numbers on the weekends for my church. I scrambled to make it all fit together, but sometimes I had to give up screen parts because I couldn’t commit to the shooting schedule. Add in a marriage and a baby and soon the time for my life as an actress was co-opted by all of life’s other demands.

But life without creativity was not working for me. I was miserable and I was inflicting my misery onto everyone around me. God created me with certain gifts and talents. 




My calling has grown into this bright vision: to inspire, uplift, and cheer people into lives they absolutely love.

Now I understand that I could never be fulfilled until I was daily putting into practice the gifts God had written into the very fabric of my being. God answered my desperate plea for creativity with exactly what I needed. Time.

My hours were cut at work. It was not the answer I was looking for, but it turned out to be the space I needed to give myself back to being the person God created me to be.To pour my heart into God-sized dreams full of dance and designs. Now I am not just choreographing a dance, but a whole life around being Oh So Tiffany. 

Because I believe that I could never be fulfilled by being anyone but Oh So Tiffany, I have a passion to help other frustrated Christian women discover their Oh So Beautiful Lives. I know what it’s like to love Jesus with all your heart and to want so desperately to serve Him with the talents and passions He has placed deep inside your soul. We bring light and life to the world when we live out the gifts God has given to us.

Now I am shining my light into the world by helping others to realize their untapped potential, a process that excites me so much that I jumped head first into my training to be a professional life coach.

In many ways, I believe I have actually been “coaching” my entire life. I get goosebumps when God gives me an opportunity to inspire those around me. I love answering the emails in my inbox from women who are looking for a non-judgmental listening ear. I strive to purposely leave those I encounter better than they were before.

Tell your story. Live your passion. Change your world.